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Complete Alarm Systems & Security Cameras in Calgary

Have you taken the proper measures to insure the safety of your home or business? How about medical emergencies? Need a dependable system that will stand guard while you're away? Thinking about installing security cameras in your Calgary residence or commercial business?

Triton Security has reliable security and emergency systems that include complete phone and wireless systems, quick response emergency systems, and security cameras in Calgary. Today, more than ever, safety and security are essential. Triton Security has easy and effective solutions to meet your needs.

Our residential and commercial security systems efficiently cover all types of safety and emergency issues. From smoke and fire protection, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies to security alarm systems, virtual night watchmen, and extra security on your doors, locks, windows frames, and garages, we have the system that's right for you.

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Security Camera Systems Calgary

Camera Systems

Watch over your front and back doors, carport or backyard hot tub.
Camera Systems

Security Systems

We have everything you have ever wanted in a stand-alone wireless system!
Poseidon Radio Backup System

Poseiden Radio Backup System

The POSEIDEN, utilizes its own dedicated UHF Long-Range Radio Network
Firelink Emergency Monitoring

Firelink Emergency Monitoring

FireLink's smoke detectors are completely wireless and designed for self-installation.
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Small Business Promotions

Find out what promotions are available for Comercial and Small Business sectors.
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