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Gemini Alarm System

Take a closer look at the Gemini Alarm System. Click on the image below for an overview and for more information download the information sheet.

what do i need?

Triton Security understands that all homes are different. As professional security consultants there are many factors that may alter what TRiton would recommend installing into your home. Some factors we look at are pets, developed/undeveloped basement, travel of the clients. Click on the images below to get a rough idea of what we would start as a basic security system.

Why Wireless

When an alarm system activates, it depends on the telephone line to communicate the emergency signals to a monitoring response centre. Times have changed. Today the telephone system may or may not work. As crime rates increase more thieves have become advanced and educated with their “Breaking & Entering” techniques. Thieves have wire cutters, which offer easier access to the home/business telephone lines. Find out more information.


Gemini Information Sheet

Gemini Wireless System


understands that everyone needs some kind of protection. It does not matter if you rent, lease, or own your property. TRITON’S GEMINI WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEM is designed for swift installation and supports home automation technology.

Gemini™ is designed to integrate all the systems in today"s smart home or smart office into a single easily managed solution. Sophisticated proprietary technology makes Gemini™ the management solution of choice for a wide variety of environments - including areas where the elderly, children and pets are normally present.

Gemini™ users can control their entire home or office environment - security, air-conditioning, appliances, lighting - through an easy-to-use keypad or any remote touch-tone or cellular phone. The commands are intuitively learned and easily recalled, thanks to a unique graphic user interface with audible prompts in a choice of 22 languages.

This wireless security, control and home automation system protects as many as 30 zones, with virtually any combination of Secureacom equipment. It supports an exceptionally wide range of detection devices, including wireless passive infrared (PIR) and pet-immune motion detectors, glass-break, gas, smoke and flood detectors, and door/window magnetic contacts.

In case an event is detected, Gemini™ automatically issues a report to the monitoring station, simultaneously transmitting digital and voice alerts to pre-programmed private telephones and/or pagers. Two-way voice communication can be initiated, enabling remote homeowners to assist any child or elderly resident.

All this functionality is packed into a single wireless solution, which is as easy to deploy as it is to operate. A Gemini™ wireless system is installed in just a few hours, requiring no cumbersome installation.

Unique high performance features, simple installation within less than one hour and ultimate intuitive ease-of-use make Gemini™ the industry"s outstanding home management solution.

The Gemini System

Below some of the products offered in the Gemini™ system are highlighted. Every house has unique needs and thus each system is unique. The staff at Triton Security will work with you to design a system that works for your home and your needs. Please contact Triton with any questions or for a FREE consultation.

Gemini CPU

Gemini CPU

  • One unit contains the control unit, siren, speaker, keypad and battery backup.
  • BSIA award for best new product in the intrusion category.
  • Wireless system, no ugly wires in your home.
  • Secure digital communication with the central station.
  • Single button emergency transmitter
  • 6 hour battery backup in case of power failure.
  • 100 Event Log
  • Full voice response
  • Available in 2 colors (black or white)
  • Expand the system without upgrading the CPU, contains 32 built-in zones
Glass Break

Glass Break Sensor

The Wireless Glass-Break sensor is quickly becoming an asset in preventing home invasions. It provides 360 º
detection (line of sight) with ranges of up to 20 ft and it can detect different types of breaking glass including plate, tempered, laminated and wired. Because of this the sensor can also distinguish between true and false alarms. This product also features a smart anti-collision algorithm that prevents jamming from multiple signals. Ideal for homes with a large number of windows in one room or in a walk-out basement. Great Use for Pet Owners.

Door & Window Contacts

Wireless Door / Window Contacts

One of the smallest wireless Door/Window contact in the market. Gemini wireless Door/Window contacts have many features over the old hard wire systems. One very large improvement is that the new systems are very easy to install. Also the new contacts allow for the wind to move the door up to 1/4”. This means if a gust of wind hits your front door the alarm won’t go off! Less false alarms. Door/Window contacts should cover all possible entrances/exits from the home on the main and basement levels.

Wireless Motion Sensor

Wireless Motion Sensors

These new Wireless Motion sensors are very effective in home security. You can monitor an entire room with just one sensor, and they are completely wireless, which makes them very easy to install. Motion sensors are becoming more and more popular around the home to deter would be criminals because they are very hard to avoid. Now we also feature PET friendly motion sensors that are set to either 40lbs or 80 lbs. One of the definite
keys to home security. Wireless motion sensors will detect any unwanted movement in your home.

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

The wireless smoke sensor is a newer product in a home security system. Every home is equipped, or should be equipped, with smoke detectors that will sound an alarm if they detect smoke. The benefit the Gemini smoke detectors is that they are directly connected to TRITON’s Central Monitoring Station. Therefore, there is a fire and you are not home, TRITON will dispatch the fire department for you, helping to protect your valuables and keep sakes. If you are home there be an alarm to notify you that there is a and will give you time to escape while TRITON calls the fire department for you. No Home Should Be Without It.

FInd out more about our FIRELINK services.

Heat Detector

Wireless Heat Detector

If your home operates off central air heating where a natural gas, oil or electric furnace is used, you NEED a wireless heat detector. This device will notify both you and TRITON in the event that your furnace malfunctions and overheats. This device can save you and your loved ones. The wireless heat sensor is beneficial for all
homes, but usually recommended to those who travel away from their homes for long periods of time.

Flood Detector

Flood Detector

The Flood sensor is a must have for anyone who lives in an area that is prone to high levels of rain or lives close to large bodies of water. This sensor is programmed into the Gemini CPU and will warn you in the event of a flood. This might be when you’re sleeping, at work or
on vacation. This sensor will give you an early warning that will allow you or someone else you trust to go to your home to save your valuables before they are destroyed. A must for those living on a flood plane or those using a sump pump.



This little remote attaches to your keys. Use it to arm and disarm your home security system. No more trying to juggle the things in your arms to enter the access code followed by rushing out the door before the alarm times out and the alarm goes off. This remote has up to a 300 foot range so you can arm your system from your car if you like. Furthermore, the Gemini Key fob offers Code-Secure™. Every time the transmitter sends a signal, it uses a different code known only to its intended receiver. Finally, a remote for your home.

Wrist Transmitter

Wrist Transmitter

The miniature waterproof wrist-worn transmitter, designed for personal emergency signaling and other applications where the transmitter needs to be within easy reach at all times. Attractive comfortable ergonomic design, this wrist band features a long life lithium battery and can be worn in the shower or when swimming if need be. It is directly connected to the TRITON Gemini CPU which will send a signal to the TRITON Command Monitoring Center who will then follow the pre designated instructions given by the client. Ideal for people with short-term or long term physical challenges that may need attention due to an emergency but who still want the ability to live an independent life.