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Congratulations to Stealthlink on their 20 year anniversary in Alberta.

Stealthlink 20th Anniversary

what do i need?

Triton Security understands that all homes are different. As professional security consultants there are many factors that may alter what TRiton would recommend installing into your home. Some factors we look at are pets, developed/undeveloped basement, travel of the clients. Click on the images below to get a rough idea of what we would start as a basic security system.

Click here to view the Security Layout

Click here to view the Security Layout

Security Systems in Calgary

Hardwire Security Alarm Systems Calgary

When You Need Security Systems in Calgary, Triton Security Has You Covered

When you’re away from home, it’s easy to worry about your home’s security. Put your fears to rest with security alarm systems and security high definition cameras for your Calgary home. When placed correctly, security devices can cause burglars to think twice before entering your protected property. When used in conjunction with other security measures, such as deadbolts, bright lighting, strong basement windows, and secure doors. Triton’s security cameras and alarm systems can do their part to keep your home safe.

Our Alarm Systems

Both hardwire and wireless security systems can work well for homes and businesses depending on your property’s needs.

Hardwire Security Alarm System


Our hardwire systems work perfectly for homes or businesses that can be wired. We won’t need to use your phone lines for monitoring the system. We do offer wireless back-up systems and 24-hour emergency monitoring services.

Wireless security cameras in Calgary for our security systems


If you cannot pre-wire your property, choose our wireless alarm systems instead. We place lithium battery-powered wireless devices around your property in the best locations and at the right angles. This installation is relatively quick and simple, and comes with our wireless monitoring and/or radio back-up system.


Security Camera Systems
Wireless security cameras in Calgary for our security systems

Our Camera Systems

A well-placed camera can have the same effect as a security system. Plus, if a break-in does occur, your security camera can get you the footage your insurance company or the police might need. When choosing a security camera, you have a variety of options, including:

  • Night Vision
  • Colour vs. black and white
  • Multiple angles from the same camera
  • Indoor vs. outdoor cameras
  • 24-hour recording
  • Wireless vs. hardwired

The type of camera you need depends on your timeframe, budget, and property. Whatever type of camera you choose, our crew will install it in the optimum place for burglar protection, as well as the best place for weather protection, lighting, and clear angles.

Contact Us

When you need any of the above security systems or security cameras in Calgary, contact Triton. We prioritize your security and provide you with multiple options that fit any budget. Our professional security consultant is available to visit your property and help you determine which alarm system or camera system will best fit your needs.

Wireless security cameras in Calgary
Wireless security cameras in Calgary for our security systems
Access Control & Intercom Systems

Triton Security is also certified in Access Control System as well as, Intercom System.

Electronic Access Control Systems

Small and medium-sized organizations can benefit from access control just as much as large enterprises. Our Access Control Starter Kits make it easy to get started while our Expansion Kits enable your access control system to grow as you do. And that's important because with access control from Triton

Electronic Access Control Systems

Security, you'll be able to:

Save money by avoiding the need to re-key your entire facility every time an employee or tenant leaves.

Improve your bottom line with better employee performance and punctuality by tracking time and attendance.

Reduce workplace hazards by keeping unauthorized personnel out of high-risk areas.

When you get one of our Access Control Systems, you get every component required to build an effective and reliable access control system. Such as: Software, Door Controllers, Card Readers, Keytags, Converter & Relays, and Battery Back Up System.

Call Today to design your Access Control System

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Triton’s innovative system provides added convenience of hands-free communication

sleek, sophisticated and streamline design complements most interiors

Comparable prices to that of a traditional black and white video intercom system

Identify visitors using high-resolution video

Easy and intuitive to operate

Applicable in most industry markets:

Commercial - Controlled entrances, interior offices retail stores, parking garages, loading docks and employee only areas

Educational - Primary and secondary schools, college campuses, controlled entrances, service areas and faculty rooms

Government - Local, state and federal government branches, courtroom security, airports and embassies

Healthcare - Hospitals, medical clinics, administrative offices, exam rooms, nurseries, pharmacies, and staff lounges

Residential - Single-family residences, gated entries, housing developments and multi-tenant buildings with individual entrances

Wireless Monitoring
Wireless Monitoring

Radio Back up Monitoring is a standard with Triton Security. In today’s developing market many communication providers are now offering various land-line (telephone) services. This is great for the end-user but can hinder security company’s emergency response and alarm system communication.

Stealth Link 20 Years

As a result, Triton Security will always offer and include Duel Monitoring (Landline and Wireless Monitoring) in all alarm applications (residential, small business, and commercial).

Call TODAY to receive your Wireless Radio Back-Up System into your Triton Security System.