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Specializing in HD CRYSTAL Camera Systems for business and residential properties. New Remote Access Control Systems along with New Digital Wireless Monitoring Alarm Systems with new APP remote connections.

No phone lines required when Triton Security Monitors your home or business.

Why Choose Triton Security?

Triton Security has reliable security and emergency systems that include complete phone and wireless systems, quick response emergency systems, and security cameras in Calgary. Today, more than ever, safety and security are essential. Triton Security has easy and effective solutions to meet your needs.


During these troubling times, Triton Security would like to ensure clients and the public are keeping themselves safe. Unfortunately, we (Albertans/Canadians) not only need to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 pandemic but also individuals that try to “take” from others.

Triton’s Monitoring Centres has recently begun to experience unfortunate acts of crime for those businesses that must close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Certain individuals are trying to profit from others misfortune. In current pandemic events, this is unforgivable but sadly occurring.

We encourage our clients and non-clients to protect your place of business and home as best as possible to prevent continued acts of crime.

Triton Security started in the Alberta Community and would like to do its part in protecting its fellow neighbours.

We Wish Everyone the Very Best During this Sad Time.


Security Digital Alarm Systems

Security Alarm Systems are intended to detect a burglary, but will not necessarily prevent one. A Security System is intended to give the home or business owner the ‘Peace of Mind’ that a thief will ‘think twice’ before entering into a home/business. A system is only as good as its user and should be installed along with good physical security reinforcement such as deadbolt locks, adequate lighting, secured windows, strong exterior doors and surveillance camera systems.

HD Crystal CCTV Camera Systems

In recent years, the number of break-and-enter crimes in Calgary has increased, prompting warnings from police to make sure your home and buildings are secure. While law enforcement is doing their part to combat crime, you can also take action to make sure your property is protected. One proven way to deter theft and enhance safety is through CCTV cameras. Calgary and area residents can count on Triton Security to design and install a Calgary video surveillance system that makes sense for your unique needs. CCTV cameras are now more affordable than in the past, making them a cost-effective choice for families and businesses. Order Triton’s NEW Crystal Camera Systems!

Digital Access Control Systems

Many companies need access control for all areas, including front and back doors, interior doors, break rooms and other areas. Others business may want to restrict access to certain areas, such as computer rooms or places where confidential files are stored. Whether you need access controlled to an outside gate, one interior room or all areas, Triton Security can help.

Digital Quest GPS Tracking

QUEST GPS is designed for Truck, Service Van, Big Rig Transport, RV, Boat, and Vehicle location in the event of theft with fast recovery. State of the Art Recovery System. Technology That Outclasses the Thieves!

Hardwire Security Alarm Systems


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